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Vancouver Biking Events – September 2017

Did you know that more people bike to work in Vancouver than any other major city in North America? According to the Vancouver Sun, 10% of all trips to work in 2015 were on a bike! More and more people are starting to use their bike for commuting and the biking community in Vancouver is growing everyday!

With the increasing size of the community, one more thing that has gone up: Biking events in BC! If you are travelling to Vancouver and are a cycling fanatic – here are some great events for September!


1) Bike The Night – September 16th

Vancouver biking events 2017

Happening on the 16th of September this year, Bike The Night is an amazing opportunity to explore Vancouver in the wee hours of the night – on a bike! Hosted by HUB, this event attracts up to 5000+ bikers and takes you through the car-free streets of Vancouver along with a ride over the iconic Burrard Bridge.

Here is a snap from 2016:

vancouver biking events


2) Velapalooza – Soft Serve Sundays Bike Polo and Bike Rides Society

Velapalooza is a biking community that promotes fun bike rides and events in Vancouver. They currently host a weekly Soft Serve Sundays Bike Polo event at Granview Park, every sunday afternoon – 1 PM onwards. The event is for new and casual players and court time for new players is prioritized. There are seasoned players if anyone needs gear or wants to nerd out about polo.

vancouver biking events

Another great event for bikers is the Bike Rides Society every Thursday at 8:30 pm. This event is 19+ and is a fantastic way to explore some of the hidden streets of Vancouver. Great adventure and great way to find some biking friends!


3) Vanier Park CX

Feeling a little adventurous? Do the Vanier Park cyclocross on September 30th. Seasoned and novice riders are welcome to challenge themselves! Below are the details for the Cyclocross race:

vancouver cx

Want to participate in these events but don’t have a bike? Give us a visit and we can find the perfect bike for you!