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3 Greater Vancouver Family Bike Routes!

Vancouver is a great city to bike in and with Fall here, it’s time to go for some scenic family bike rides! Here are our top 3 favourite fall bike rides that are also family friendly.


Traboulay PoCo Trail

This is a beautiful 25.3 kilometre route that encircles the entire Port Coquitlam community. It is flat, easy bike ride that has a great, varied landscape including forest and creek, meadow and marsh, riverfront and cityscape.


Here are some distance markers from the Port Coquitlam website to help you keep track:

  • Hyde Creek Recreation Centre to DeBouville Slough
  • DeBouville Slough to Prairie Avenue
  • Prairie Avenue to Dominion Avenue
  • Dominion Avenue to Peace Park
  • Peace Park to Pitt River Road
  • Pitt River Road to Shaughnessy Street
  • Shaughnessy Street to Red Bridge
  • Red Bridge to Gates Park
  • Gates Park to Lions Park
  • Lions Park to Hyde Creek Recreation Centre


Steveston South Dyke Trail 

Predominantly agricultural, this 17 km route is a great way to see the beautiful city of Steveston. From art sculptures to boats, an old fishing village with many shops and restaurants, three museums, a boardwalk, wildlife – this ride has it all!


Here are some trail markers from the city of Richmond to help you find your way:

  • No 2 Road Pier / London’s Landing
  • Gilbert Beach
  • London Heritage Farm
  • No. 3 Road Fishing Pier
  • Dogs Off-Leash Park
  • Finn Slough
  • Horseshoe Slough


Burnaby Lake Loop

The Burnaby lake is the largest lake in the Lower Mainland and has a rich, beautiful ecology that it offers. This is a 10 km ride that is perfect for families (including pets!). Make sure to look out for some wildlife – if you are lucky, you might be able to catch a beaver or two!

This is a relatively simple and round trail so we don’t have a list of landmarks for you. However, here are some great pictures to give you an idea of the beauty of this loop!

burnaby2 burnaby1


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